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Dwyane Wade thinks Ricky Rubio has a lot of Steve Nash in his game. From Sports Illustrated:

“‘The kid has something. He has that Steve Nash capability,’ Wade told FSN. ‘They’ve got a gem in him. He’s going to be great for them.’”

Rubio seems to lack any sort of defensive presence (aside from the occasional sniping steal when no one is looking), which is certainly Nashian, but he can’t shoot anywhere near as accurately as Nash has over the latter part of his career. Also, he’s not as tough. Does he have the same open court creativity and flexibility in the passing game? Absolutely, but he has a long way to go before comparisons to Nash happen. Or was this Wade’s way of denigrating how good Nash has been over the last decade? I don’t think so, but Rubio isn’t in Nash’s class—yet.

Oh well, back to the grind. 

[SIhighlight from Minnesota vs. Dallas]

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